aedes de venustas – my new favorite fragrance place
9 christopher street, nyc
After searching online for a place in the US to buy montale sweet oriental dream, I came upon aedes.. I am so very happy I did. I did my homework first to see what other scents they carry and it was very similar to the hard to find products on lucky scent.. So im sweatin my buns off walking in my work clothes and im on my way to the west village.. Getting a little nervous, thinking their salespeople will be snobby and uppity (something that really bothers me) but after I ring the bell at the door and come in I am greeted by smiles, and feel like I am in perfume heaven.. Everything is so luxurious and dark.. Lots of dark reds and velvet. This place is a treasure, like a secret little tucked away place that you might miss if you were just walking by. I came for the montale but they didn’t have any more sweet oriental dream.. I told the saleswoman it was very similar to keiko mecheri loukoum, she asked me the notes of it and made a few recommendations, walked me ’round spraying cards for me to try.
I ended up buying serge lutens bois vanille.. One of the owners (robert) rung me up and he was not at all snobby as you might expect of a guy who is now the it man of fragrance to new yorks celebs and such.. You get the feeling he is just very in to what he does.
The price was right on point with lucky so I was happy, plus they promised to call me when my dream came in, and gave me a very generous sample to keep me happy until it arrives. I can’t wait till they call!


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