Trinidad Charlies Original Hot Sauce

By far, my favorite hot sauce.

We found this on our trip to St. Thomas and St. John, at a store called St. Johns Spice.. (also be sure to try the jerk caramels – yum)..

This sauce is made with mango, but it is not at all sweet – in fact, its a very hearty hot sauce.. it needs to be shaken as they lay the spices on thick in this sauce.. Great on all meats, rice, beans, eggs, sheesh – there isnt much this isnt good on, if you are a lover of heat – you must have a bottle in your fridge, if you have a weak tongue, be careful – some jars are a little spicier than others… Ive gone through my 7th bottle already.. Time to give the friendly folks over at st johns spice a call – (they ship via us postal service – so you do have to wait a bit – but the shipping is cheap)

and if your ever in the Virgin Islands, be sure to take a trip there.. they will dip toothpicks into all the sauces for you to sample! mm hmm

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