Snacks I’m digging right now…

I like snacks.
I’m like a snackaficionado. Just made that up but it works. This week the snacks I have at the ready are Kind bars: Almond Cashew with Flax, and Funky Monkey: Jive a Lime (pineapple lime).


So delicious that I could only get a pic of the wrapper

We’ll start with The Kind bars.. If you are a nut person and enjoy almonds and macadamias. Then you will want to try these. You will want to try 10 of them in one sitting but dont. It’s like a blend of nuts glued together with a little bit of dates and honey. Magic. It makes my commute enjoyable (and I ride NJ transit so..that’s saying something)
Now on to the Funky Monkeys. Whoever thought of this name, they should be fired. But if that person also invented the jivealime, hire them back and promote them. So good. Crunchy dehydrated pineapple pieces, soaked in lime juice. No sugar. I could eat these until my mouth was raw and bloody. (I have in fact).


You'll feel like your stealing your toddlers Capri sun with this package. But it's worth it.

Two little gems available at your local grocery store. Enjoy.


Hello Fresh – super easy recipes shipped to your front door.

This week im obsessed with HelloFresh, they put all the ingredients for 3 meals in one box and ship it to you weekly, and you prep and cook up 3 delicious meals a week. Nothing is precooked for you and theres no waste. If an item calls for soy sauce, they include just the amount you need. Awesome. I’m cooking up stuff I’ve never thought I would. Bok Choy? Ya I’ve done that. Ratatouille – you know it! It sort of forces you to try new things in the kitchen. Hello Fresh about $69/week. $20 off if you want a referral. Let me know!

Chobani Almond Coco Loco Flips

Have you ever tasted something that was so good, it made you want to buy an extra refrigerator just so you could fill it up with that one thing? Oh? You’re not an obsessive worrier that your favorite product will suddenly stop being made the moment you discover it? I guess thats just me. If you like coconut, then I assume you will loooove this yogurt. Its coconut, almonds and chocolate nibs. Its a perfect combination of all these wonderful things. And im not even all that big on yogurt. Get some, or dont – more for me.yogurt

MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Peanut Spread – My new addiction





I eat this stuff by the spoon. Big spoon. So good. Its not Nutella. Its like Easter when you’d dip your hollow chocolate bunny into the jar of Peanut Butter, but better.. Oilier than regular peanut butter, sweet but not sugary, and really chocolatey. Id like to dunk my head in, if I could.

My only problem is I cant find it anywhere. Got it as a gift from hubby, and he cant remember. All I have left is this picture and my memories. Ughz.
Maranatha Dark Chocolate

Tous Le Jours – Whipped Cream Pan Bread – eat the whole loaf, then wallow in guilt.

Bread is good. Good bread is GREAT. Tous le Jours Whipped cream pan bread is to die for. I eat it, usually by the loaf, with all its beautiful whipped cream butter between the slices goodness, and feel like Ive died and gone to French-Asian bready heaven. Its sweet, buttery, If you are lucky enough to have one of the Tous Le Jours bakeries in your hood (California, Texas, Georgia, Massachusetts or New Jersey!), make sure to stop by and pick up a loaf. Then bring it to your room, turn off the lights and devour it like calories no longer exist.

my lil loaf of love

Batali Pang Sandwich – Num Pang NYC

Did I mention that I love the Cambodian sandwich place, Num Pang? Well in case you didn’t read yesterdays post. I do. So much in fact that I returned to have them for lunch for the second day in a row, this time trying Celebrity chef Mario Batali’s signature sandwich, aptly called the Batali Pang. It was heaven,cotechinno sausage (don’t know what this is but I know its delicious!), carrots, cucumber, some sort of thin cheese and what tasted like pickled sweet onions, all slathered with spicy chili mayo in between two beautiful baguettes. This is super limited edition, so go grab one in the next few days if you’re


near NYC!

Grilled Skirt Steak Sandwich – Num Pang

The most delicious Cambodian sandwich I have ever tasted, ok the first Cambodian sandwich I have ever tasted but it also happened to be the best. Grilled skirt steak was tender and flavorful, perfect ratio of carrots cucumbers and sauce to top it off, fresh roll with the crispy outside and soft inside. Came with a side a what tasted like sriracha. Num Pang in midtown nyc is my new favorite spot


Soyummi Rice Pudding

After reading a frightening book about all the reasons you shouldn’t drink Milk, I began hunting for some tasty non milk alternatives. I found Soyummi soy rice pudding at Wegmans and am hooked. If the containers weren’t so hard to open I’d probably eat 3 a day. It’s just a tasty creamy healthier version of one of my favorite desserts.


Philly Food Fest

Hubs and I were in Philly this weekend for our anniversary – we decided to turn it into a food fest weekend – scouring the fine cities culinary offerings. This is a list of my favorites.

1. Gadzooks Ice Cream, Bassetts Ice Cream, Reading Terminal Market

Chocolate, peanut butter brownies, caramel. Pure chocolate peanut butter chunkiness. Rich, decadent, delicious and chocolatey.

If this ice cream was available in NY, I would weigh 175lbs. They ship, if you are interested in a 6 pint minimum

2. Grilled Prime Natural Rib Eye, Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

This was by far the best rib eye I think I have ever had. The first bite, literally melted in my mouth. A little pricey, 42 – but worth it. Its marbled, fatty meat heaven. Also, notable – the Mac & Cheese with truffle oil – yum.

3. Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie, The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company

If you’re going to pick up cookies from this famous cookie store in the Reading Terminal Market, go later in the day – the store starts selling cookies for $1 each towards close. I tried the Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookie, and I will say this was truly inspiring. Great chocolate to macadamia nut ratios, not too soft, and not at all hard. Just a perfect large thick cookie – and whats more – they ship!