MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Peanut Spread – My new addiction





I eat this stuff by the spoon. Big spoon. So good. Its not Nutella. Its like Easter when you’d dip your hollow chocolate bunny into the jar of Peanut Butter, but better.. Oilier than regular peanut butter, sweet but not sugary, and really chocolatey. Id like to dunk my head in, if I could.

My only problem is I cant find it anywhere. Got it as a gift from hubby, and he cant remember. All I have left is this picture and my memories. Ughz.
Maranatha Dark Chocolate


Soyummi Rice Pudding

After reading a frightening book about all the reasons you shouldn’t drink Milk, I began hunting for some tasty non milk alternatives. I found Soyummi soy rice pudding at Wegmans and am hooked. If the containers weren’t so hard to open I’d probably eat 3 a day. It’s just a tasty creamy healthier version of one of my favorite desserts.


So Delicious Coconut Milk – Ice Cream

There will eventually be a post for everything that So Delicious makes, because everything is.. so.. delicious.

This ice cream is my weakness. It tastes much pure-er than any coconut flavored ice cream, not terribly sweet – but very creamy. I eat about 1/2 of the tub in one sitting before I make my hubs take it away. Great for the lactose intolerant, awesome for guys who dont want to eat soy. Ever better-er for people who LOVE coconuts. I love coconuts.


Kozy Shack – Original Rice Pudding

Six ingredients – Milk, Rice, Sugar, Eggs, Salt, Natural Flavors. This has got to be one of those products that you’ve probably slept on. You’ve seen it in the dairy section since you were a kid, but have you tried it yet? If you have, you are a loyal follower – like me. Eating it, loving it, on a daily basis.

Just good rice pudding. Like homemade. Not too sweet, perfectly creamy, with great texture. If you like rice pudding, it doesnt get much better than this.

5 Things You Need To Try

Butter Baked Goods: Rose Marshmallow

The only Marshmallow that is AS GOOD as my homemade recipe, Butter Baked Goods – Rose Marshmallows, get it at Dean and Deluca

Lightly flavored with Rose water, these fluffy heavenly squares are perfectly sweet and addictive!

Swingline PowerEase Stapler

If you staple anything during the day, do your poor hands a favor and get the Swingline PowerEase stapler. No more having to push with all your might trying to get a staple through thick sheets of paper, this handy little guy goes through up to 25 sheets of paper with 70% less force required compared to traditional staplers. I found it was much easier to use then the Staples Reduce Effort staplers, and doesnt have as much annoying snap-back. Its one of those office products that I would chain to my desk (if that didnt look so ugly) because my coworkers tend to get sneaky with other peoples stuff.

Contessa MicroSteam Garlic Chicken Penne

I cook, but not as often as I wish I could, because I actually enjoy it. I am all for easy to prepare dinners, but often this means you compromise on taste. So I went in trying Contessas Micro Steam meals with a little hesitation, not only is it a meal in a bag (like Bertolli’s) but it also is microwaveable, and it cooks right in the bag!

So this is the preparation: Take bag out of freezer, throw it in microwave for 6 minutes, open bag and dump onto plates and enjoy with husband.

Mmm. It was actually very good! We tried the Garlic Chicken Penne, and the asparagus pieces tasted fresh, the pasta sauce and mushrooms were perfectly cooked. The chicken was pretty good too. I give this high praise because in the end, you dont have to wash a skillet! Get a coupon for $1.50 off here

GeoDefense for iPhone

My next review is for all the lovers of iPhone users out there, for which I am one. And dont get me started on how much I love my iPhone! <3! I was addicted to Bejeweled for a good 4 months, until I found GeoDefense, a game about setting up laser shooting towers, and such, around a maze that these little alien pacmen travel down. Your goal is to stop them from getting to the end of the maze.

For each Alien you destroy, you gain $, which you can use to buy more lazers and gun towers.

The Aliens move at different speeds, and have different weaknesses, so you need to diversify your defense plan in order to succeed.

Fast paced, and frustratingly addictive. There is a free version available, so I’ll let you check it out for yourself.

Last but certainly not least…


I tried twitter for the first time about a year ago. I didn’t follow anyone, I just started tweeting all sorts of random useless rants about my commute, and about a week later, I decided – this sucks, and I stopped twittering.

I came back in February 2010 with the idea I would try it a little different the second go ’round. This time, I began following massive amounts of people – regular people like me, news sources, and people with similar interests in food, coupons etc..

After about a week, I realized I was hooked, and after a month, I realized this was a life changer. I was now a dedicated twitterer. I started connecting and making friends with people all around the world. Martha Stewart actually followed me, and I can remember dancing and jumping up and down, she is my favorite human.

After a month, I was more connected to what was happening in the world than most people I knew, and interestingly enough – I found that I was reading news sites and exploring the web much more in hopes that I could find something interesting to share with my followers (i call them “Fellowers” it sounds so much less imperialistic!).

Ultimately, everyone can benefit from twitter, whether you want to give to it, and take (as I do), or just give (like some celebs do, who dont follow anyone, just post about whatever it is that they are doing at the moment), or just take. There is something here for everyone, and thats why iLike it!

Until next time!

Rice to Riches

I love rice pudding. To me it’s the perfect dessert. Creamy, sweet, chunky. All important qualities in a dessert. I yelp’d best NYC rice pudding and Rice to Riches was the result. So I swaggered over after work, just melting at the idea that rice pudding would soon be in my mouth. What I found at Rice to Riches, was a super hip and futuristic looking shop, with funky little sayings and rice-related stuff plastered on the walls. I sampled the traditional and the vanilla, both delicious but the vanilla was much richer so that’s what I went with. Ok, enough of that- to the review: Delicious, creamy with lovely large soft chewy rice! Yum. If you walk in and the place is packed – the back of the store has small pre-packaged sizes, pick one up and skip the line!

Luigis Dolceria

This Sunday, we had friends over and they brought us these really delicious cookie tray from Luigi’s Dolceria in Staten Island. My new favorite Chocolate Covered pretzel, is covered in mini reeses pieces. I just checked out their website, and it looks like Ive got a new Cannoli place to try out. (Thanks Stacy & Charles!!)

Strawberry Preserve Bars

New favorite dessert.. Strawberry Preserve Bars – from one of my favorite recipe sites –

I made my own strawberry jam from my recent strawberry picking session, and making your own homemade jam makes such a difference – ill post the recipe for the jam later.. But I should note, my new favorite farm for pick your own is Lees Turkey Farm in NJ.

anyway, so many favorites – so little time, so back to the recipe

20 bars (change servings and units)

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  1. Heat oven to 400°F.
  2. Beat 3/4 cup margarine and sugar until light and fluffy.
  3. Add combined flour, soda and salt; mix well.
  4. Stir in oats and nuts.
  5. Reserve 1/2 cup crumb mixture. Press remaining crumb mixture onto bottom of greased 13 x 9-inch baking pan.
  6. Spread the strawberry preserves over the first layer.
  7. Sprinkle with reserved crumb mixture. Bake 20-25 minutes. Cool.
  8. Melt Chips and 4 teaspoons margarine over low heat (or microwave), stirring until smooth.
  9. Drizzle over crumb mixture. Refrigerate 1 hour; cut into bars.

This recipe is perfect for after you go strawberry picking, and have made a ton of jam to give away and still have too much jam left over.. make bars and put that jam to use!
SOO good served warm on top of ice cream, and most people have the ingredients handy to make it on a whim.. thats another reason I like it so much!

Rain’s Choice – Vanilla Extract

If you like to make desserts, then you must have a good vanilla extract on hand. I did my research, and heard a lot of good things about Rain’s Choice Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract (The Vanilla Company).. It is very aromatic, and not too strong – like some store brand extract.. Not too expensive either- $20.00 for 16 oz.. also very good is the Tahitian Vanilla, which is a bit more fruity, and very good. Its my lil secret weapon.


Pronounced (How-pee-ya) this is a delicious coconut dessert that we used to eat in Hawaii. It has a gelatinous consistency, and is really easy to make.. The mix is simple, add water and boil. Pour it into molds and put it in the fridge. It firms up within like 20 minutes depending on how shallow the pan is. If you put it in a flat pan and cool it, cut it up into little squares and you have hawaii on a toothpick. Its really good on top of other things, and if you love the taste of coconut.. You will love this dessert (make it even better by sprinkling some shredded coconut on top).

(Plus its only 1.18 at