Rice to Riches

I love rice pudding. To me it’s the perfect dessert. Creamy, sweet, chunky. All important qualities in a dessert. I yelp’d best NYC rice pudding and Rice to Riches was the result. So I swaggered over after work, just melting at the idea that rice pudding would soon be in my mouth. What I found at Rice to Riches, was a super hip and futuristic looking shop, with funky little sayings and rice-related stuff plastered on the walls. I sampled the traditional and the vanilla, both delicious but the vanilla was much richer so that’s what I went with. Ok, enough of that- to the review: Delicious, creamy with lovely large soft chewy rice! Yum. If you walk in and the place is packed – the back of the store has small pre-packaged sizes, pick one up and skip the line!


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