Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket – Soft as your babys butt

imageWhen it comes to my baby, I spare no expense (please just don’t tell my husband 😉 ), so as I was pondering the topic of Blankies, I really wanted to make sure if there was going to be some lifelong attachment to a blanket, that it be the awesomest coziest and most extravagant blanket out there. Enter Little Giraffe, the makers of celebrity endorsed baby blankets (Rachel Zoes fave- that’s all you had to say).. Little Giraffe makes a couple different models all with different loft/pile.. the luxe is my favorite, as its got a very silky smooth faux fur center that has the perfect weightiness to it. The edges are bordered with satin and my son loves rubbing his fingers through the fur, and tries to mouth the satiny edge. The color is flax, which is cute and chic without being too femme for my little manly man. And if he doesn’t bond with it, its okay because I’ve been eyeing it as a new throw in my living room (fingers crossed). $85 for the 29 x 35 at