Cafe Escapes – Chai Latte K-Cups

When I find something I like, I have to raise it up on high, shout it from the rooftops. Tell my friends all the features like some infomercial. Why? Because it makes me happy, and the possibility that someone else will be made happy by trying what I like, makes me even happier. So even though this particular item is so specific, it is made for the Keurig Coffee Brewing System, and you might not have a Keurig, then maybe you will one day go to someones house, who, by luck has one, and has bought the Chai Latte K-Cups. The great thing about this k-cup, is that the creamer and sweetener is already inside, so when you brew it, theres nothing more to do other than enjoy it.. slowly. Its a perfect glass of Chai Tea, with the perfect amount of creaminess, and sugar. I could never find a chai that was easy to make.. Concentrates that you had to add milk to and heat, or tea bags that never tasted a lick like Chai Tea. So this is the easiest Chai Tea that exists, and for that reason – it is perfect. $17.95 for a 24 pack.


Mrs. Meyers Clean Day – Holiday Clean Up Kit

At Christmas, I want everything to take on the Holiday Spirit – So when I found Mr. Meyers Clean Day Holiday Clean up kit, and most importantly the Countertop Spray, I started cleaning every counter I could find, leaving a really pretty Christmas tree scent all over the house. This is the first spray that actually smells like a tree (Iowa Pine to be exact), a sweet, fresh cut tree. Not cleaning product smell at all. I will have to stock up before the holidays are over, I love this stuff. About $11 at Target.


Every year Mike and I build our Christmas wish lists, and exchange them. This year I found the website Wishpot and did my list online. You download an app, and a little button gets added to your browser, then when you find something you want, you click the button and it gets added to your online wishlist, along with price and an url so that your loving hubby can easily buy exactly what you want. I know, it sounds so materialistic – but I see it from a cost savings perspective – he wont buy the wrong thing, so there’s less to return!

you can even check out my cool list below.. awesome!**

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