Cafe Du Monde – Chicory Coffee

I’ve been away awhile. I was pregnant. Thats a good excuse, right. But now that the babys here, I can once again drink coffee. And thank goodness a friend of mine introduced me to Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory. Its a dark roast coffee blended with roasted chicory, and sold in New Orleans at a place called, you guessed it (Cafe Du Monde) they are also famous for their Beignets (which go great with the coffee). If you like a dark coffee, with a smoky roasted taste – you should try this coffee. Its not for everyone, I think you either love it or hate it. Finding it is difficult, but you can buy online at Amazon, or a lot of Asian Stores carry it (as it is pretty popular in the Vietnamese community). About $7.00 online.

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Soda Stream

We drink tons of seltzer, and even though seltzer is usually the cheapest carbonated drink in the grocery store, it’s a pain lugging 3-4 bottles home every week. So we got ourselves a soda stream, and we love it. Very convenient. We have less waste, and we never have to drink tap water with our dinner. Hooray!

I’m not a huge fan of the flavors, we typically make seltzer than add it to a half cup of fruit juice, which is usually too sweet anyway.

My recommendation is to buy it at bed bath and beyond with one of those 20% off coupons, I love those things.

Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut

If you’re into flavored coffees, then add this to your list of varieties to try: Green Mountain Limited Edition Island Coconut flavored coffee. Shown here in keurig kcup -which is my favorite way to brew coffee, because it’s effortless!
This coconut is a very true tasting coconut, to me, not at all overly sweet or suntannishly fake. It’s aroma is much stronger than it’s flavor which is a mild coconuttiness. Pure delicious!
Get it at Green Mountain Coffee

Republic of Tea – Coconut Cocoa Tea

I just discovered the Republic of Tea, and am so in love with their Herbal Coconut Cocoa tea, that I ended up giving out about 10 tea bags at work, thats how much I like it! Its a really cozy blend of coconut, and roasted carob, and is the first herbal tea that I think really gets the chocolate flavor right.. thank goodness there isnt any caffeine because Im on my 4th cup and I cannot stop drinking it. Without a little milk and sugar, most flavored teas are all aroma – but this one only needs a little sweetening, and no milk to be delicious.. But trust me, if you want to doll it up, it makes it ten times better.. the PERFECT dessert tea! $9.50 for 36 bags –

Cafe Escapes – Chai Latte K-Cups

When I find something I like, I have to raise it up on high, shout it from the rooftops. Tell my friends all the features like some infomercial. Why? Because it makes me happy, and the possibility that someone else will be made happy by trying what I like, makes me even happier. So even though this particular item is so specific, it is made for the Keurig Coffee Brewing System, and you might not have a Keurig, then maybe you will one day go to someones house, who, by luck has one, and has bought the Chai Latte K-Cups. The great thing about this k-cup, is that the creamer and sweetener is already inside, so when you brew it, theres nothing more to do other than enjoy it.. slowly. Its a perfect glass of Chai Tea, with the perfect amount of creaminess, and sugar. I could never find a chai that was easy to make.. Concentrates that you had to add milk to and heat, or tea bags that never tasted a lick like Chai Tea. So this is the easiest Chai Tea that exists, and for that reason – it is perfect. $17.95 for a 24 pack.

Kinnie Soda

On our trip to Malta, I picked up a can of Kinnie, a locally made soda made from Bitter Oranges, and some herbal flavorings – my first mistake, was not drinking it until we left Malta, on our way to Italy, because it was so good. My second mistake was only buying one. I was craving it the rest of the trip. When I got back I was able to find a similar drink, which was good but not as good as the Kinnie. San Pellegrino Chinotto. Let me try to describe the taste.. Kind of a sour orange taste, and the aftertaste was very green and somewhat hard to describe.. Like anise, mint and basil all rolled into one. Impossible to find in the states, but im still looking ofcourse. If I dont find it in a few weeks, I’ll probably treat myself to a very large quantity online (gotta buy in volume, its so expensive to ship!)

Amish Kefir

Mike has, once again, introduced me to something new. This time, Kefir.. its a thick yogurty drink – but it really tastes more “active” then yogurt.. Kind of sour, really a very very hard to explain taste. I was eating little spoonfuls trying to find the words for this post but I just couldnt place it. I want to say there is something that reminds me of some kind of popcorn that I’ve tried.. and I read its actually really good for your digestive system, better than yogurt. Which makes me smile, because Im definitely having this every day for the rest of my life.

My new favorite drink – Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer

I was at the grocery store, walking down the soda aisle – when I happened upon a few boxes of soda with a label that I was not familiar with.. So ofcourse – my eye goes straight to it.. I thought, “What the heck is Birch Beer?” and I had to try it.. The easiest way to explain it, its like a mix of Root Beer, and Dr. Pepper.. the perfect mix.
Whats even better is their diet is DELICIOUS!!! i ❤ Aspartame! (i really do!)

I found it at Shop Rite, good luck trying to find this one in stores, Im thinking about going back to Shoprite just to clean out the rest of their supply before they decide to stop carrying it!

Good Earth Original Tea

My step mom introduced me to this, she drinks a lot of tea and always makes this when I visit. The taste is sweet cinnamon, with a spiciness of licorice and orange. The only tea I’ve tried that actually tastes better without any sugar. This is a very sweet tea – very good iced as well. A very unique taste – hard to find, i stock up on a few boxes at Trader Joes whenever I visit California. Or buy online $4.79 at
Ingredients: Black Tea, Artificial Flavor, Rosehips, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Papaya, Jasmine Tea, Anise Seed, Ginger Root, Orange Peel and Orange Oil.

Tropicana Pure Rasberry Acai

If you haven’t had a juice with acai, the best way to describe it is like a mix of berries and chocolate milk.. The consistency is a dark milky purple and its a little unappetizing looking.. But the taste is great.. This is mixed with rasberries and I believe like most fruit juice also apples. Its a nice drink to put on ice and sip a half a cup, much too thick to say its chuggable. But a very good drink.