Cafe Du Monde – Chicory Coffee

I’ve been away awhile. I was pregnant. Thats a good excuse, right. But now that the babys here, I can once again drink coffee. And thank goodness a friend of mine introduced me to Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory. Its a dark roast coffee blended with roasted chicory, and sold in New Orleans at a place called, you guessed it (Cafe Du Monde) they are also famous for their Beignets (which go great with the coffee). If you like a dark coffee, with a smoky roasted taste – you should try this coffee. Its not for everyone, I think you either love it or hate it. Finding it is difficult, but you can buy online at Amazon, or a lot of Asian Stores carry it (as it is pretty popular in the Vietnamese community). About $7.00 online.

2012-12-03 21.12.19




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