Dole Real Fruit Bites

Yogurty, fruity, oatie goodness. Sweet creamy chunky fruit morsels. Oh lovely little tidbits of yumminess.

That about sums it up. The mango in particular, rocks.


5 thoughts on “Dole Real Fruit Bites

  1. I recently purchased dole real fruit bites and was very happy with the product. I was not happy with the package. I was unable to open the bag without using something to cut the seal , this was a real problem for me. I couldn’t even pop the bag open. The bag says to tear open , but that is litterly impossible to do. If there is a trick to opening this product , please let me know what it is.

    • I haven’t had that problem yet, each bag should have a small notch to start the tear open process, but if it isn’t there I can see how getting it open would be difficult! You should write to Dole letting them know that they should make the notch a little bigger! I think I’ll send them an email too, maybe they’ll reply with coupons!

  2. I just tasted this snack from a coworker and I love it!!! Please tell me where I can purchase this item. I’ve been looking everywhere!!!

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