Coco Pop – All Natural Multigrain Snack

CocoPop, not coco pops – the australian cereal that no longer exists. How to explain, they are flat circular wafer like snacks, 16 calories, made in this strange contraption below – from Wheat, rice, corn and sea salt. No oil, no nothing.. Tastes like a mix between a rice cake and an ice cream cone, by themselves, just a nice plain snack, but throw some peanut butter on top – and you have a very beautiful thing.  They are lightly toasted and deliciously simple. Available at Wegmans.

This is the Coco Pop Machine. The pops fly out fast, its actually a bit frightening.


2 thoughts on “Coco Pop – All Natural Multigrain Snack

  1. I live near Albany, NY. Is there any place I can get the Coco Pop All Natural
    Multigrain Snack?
    Agnes Reynolds

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