Snacks I’m digging right now…

I like snacks.
I’m like a snackaficionado. Just made that up but it works. This week the snacks I have at the ready are Kind bars: Almond Cashew with Flax, and Funky Monkey: Jive a Lime (pineapple lime).


So delicious that I could only get a pic of the wrapper

We’ll start with The Kind bars.. If you are a nut person and enjoy almonds and macadamias. Then you will want to try these. You will want to try 10 of them in one sitting but dont. It’s like a blend of nuts glued together with a little bit of dates and honey. Magic. It makes my commute enjoyable (and I ride NJ transit so..that’s saying something)
Now on to the Funky Monkeys. Whoever thought of this name, they should be fired. But if that person also invented the jivealime, hire them back and promote them. So good. Crunchy dehydrated pineapple pieces, soaked in lime juice. No sugar. I could eat these until my mouth was raw and bloody. (I have in fact).


You'll feel like your stealing your toddlers Capri sun with this package. But it's worth it.

Two little gems available at your local grocery store. Enjoy.


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