5 Napkin Burger

I thought I knew what burger love felt like until I tried the 5 napkin burger at the restaurant bearing its name.. I know now.
Its basically a gourmet, brilliantly simple burger that has so many familiar tastes that you normally don’t experience on a burger.. Aioli, and rosemary, delicately caremelized onions and a thick juicy hunk o meat.. after taking the picture of it – I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish, it was so good that I did anyway..cutting it into pieces with the huge knife they gave me.. Regardless of my stomach now stretching to uncomfortable levels, and the fact that I had to take a more spread out position in my chair, I wanted as much in my tummy as I could put in there. Yum yum.
Five Napkin Burger on 45th and 9th ave in Hells Kitchen.


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