Kerry & Loni’s Be Boppin’ Bean Dip

Beans, beans, good for your heart- the more you eat, the more you – never mind, you remember the rest.

I love a good bean dip, and who doesn’t – beans are, according to the statement above “good for your heart”. I picked up a jar from Le Gourmet Chef store which is like a discount Williams Sonoma that if you have nearby you, you must go to..

Why is it special? Black beans, crushed tomatoes, jalapeno chile and poblano peppers, garlic, AND its only 25 calories per two tbsp serving. YUM. Sllightly sweet, mildly spicy, delishy.


One thought on “Kerry & Loni’s Be Boppin’ Bean Dip

  1. I’m looking for that Kerry & Loni product in that picture. I was wondering if you can do 2 things. 1 provide me with the phone # and location to where you got that product from and 2, if you have ANY of their products in your house can you provide me with what contact information they have on the labek including their phone # thanks

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