Shangai Cuisine – Best Soup Dumplings in New York

A friend who lives in Chinatown introduced me to this place, and the pork soup dumplings that have become a tradition and a constant craving for me and my fiance, Mike. If you’ve never had a soup dumpling, basically its a piece of pork with seasonings mixed inside a dumpling along with soup. So you bite into the dumpling and all the soup is all hot inside, you blow it cool, add a few drops of this vinegary soy sauce they give you, and bite. Mm, my mouth is watering just typing this. Good chinese food, good prices. Shang Hai Cuisine(212) 732-8988
89 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013 – if you go, make sure you grab a business card so you can find your way back when you get another craving.

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