Best Gourmet Food Line – Robert Rothschild

Another trip to the Woodbridge Mall & Le Gourmet Chef has me brimming with goodies.. the first, more Robert Rothschild gourmet food & sauces.. I am telling you, this company cannot put out a product that I dont like. Their motto is to make products that you can “open and serve”, and their developers have the best palette because everything is blended perfectly. So many of their products have these unique flavor combinations that work perfectly together. One of their award winners, that I just tried today, was their Ginger Wasabi sauce, the candied ginger is sweet, with the spicy wasabi – its the perfect little kick in a very addictive sauce.. Perfect with pretzels, and also good on spring rolls! The next favorite is the Chocolate Dipping Pretzels, which I paired up with Strawberries and Cream dip. So good. The taste is not a strawberry flavor, its basically real strawberries and cream cheese with sugar, sweet and creamy and so very good. All of their dips and sauces are perfect for the host that wants to make her party more gourmet.. without too much effort. GO shopping for anything, and you will understand at

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